Children's Illustrated eBooks by Scott and Jackie Ferrell

Peaches and More
If you are looking for ebooks that are funny and enjoyable to read then you will like all ten ebooks written by Jackie Ferrell and illustrated by Scott Ferrell. Each ebook takes place in northern France and captures the gentleness and delight of two best friends who happen to be a dog and a parrot.

Peaches! Peaches!

Peaches! Peaches! A parrot and a dog become the best of friends when litle Greogire comes to live with Gaston and Mr. Marceau. Little Gregorie's favorite fruit is peaches. As little Gregorie, Gaston and Mr. Marceau walk the flower gardens and fruit orchard each evening around their home, little Gregorie is excited about finding a sweet juicy peach to eat. One day when Mr. Marceau leaves little Gregorie and Gaston home alone, the two of them go on an adventure together.

Sing! Sing!

Sing! Sing! Little Gregorie learns how to turn on a music player by watching Mr. Marceau. Mr. Marceau loves the opera and the three of them listen to the opera every night. When Mr. Marceau leaves the house to to into town, little Gregorie with Gaston's help, turns on the music player only he plays the music of the opera so loud that it disturbs the neighbors.

Hide! Hide!

Hide! Hide! Mr. Marceau has fun teaching little Gregorie and Gaston new games to keep little Gregorie from getting bored. Little Gregorie and Gaston love their new game of hide and seek. One day while playing their new game, little Gregorie thinks he has found the best place to hide - the a rolled up carpet of the living room. When the carpet cleaners come to pick up the carpet for cleaning, little Gregorie finds himself riding along on a bumpy ride in the back of a truck.

Ping! Ping!

Ping! Ping! New ganes are so much fun for little Gregorie and Gaston and Mr. Marceau loves teaching them how to play the ones that he knows. As little Gregorie begin to learn to play ping pong, he finds himself bored with the white ball until Mr. Marceau paints the ping pong balls orange - the color of little Gregorie's favorite fruit. The orange ping pong balls begin to disappear and no one knows where they went.

Happy! Happy!

Happy! Happy! As Christmas approaches for little Gregorie, Gaston and Mr. Marceau they look forward to their favorite holiday with a lot of excitement. From the tree to the nuts and fruit to the beautiful lights, little Gregorie and Gaston are amazed as their home is transformed. Mr. Marceau reads to little Gregorie and Gaston the the way that children celebrate Christmas in France. Little Gregorie listens closely to the story. When Christmas Eve finally arrives, little Gregorie decides he is going to do everything he can to make sure Father Christmas brings him candy, fruit and nuts.

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Hot! Hot! Hot! Another summer has arrived to northern France where little Gregorie, Gaston and Mr. Marceau live. The summer brings hot temperatures and little Gregorie tries to find ways to stay cool. When the three of them visit the town shops one day, little Gregorie decides the best way to cool off is in the town fountain. Soon there are children and their dogs having fun singing and splashing in the fountain but it all has to end when Mr. Marceau makes little Gregorie leave the fountain but that is okay because Mr. Marceau creates something special for little Gregorie to help him stay cool.

Picture! Picture!

Picture! Picture! Mr. Marceau works at a Paris zoo and he enjoys the beautiful birds. He paints pictures of the pretty birds when he returns home from work. Little Gregorie watches him as he paints the pretty pictures and soon little Gregorie is learning to paint the pretty birds, too. When the peaches are slow to ripen on the pearch trees in their orchard, little Gregorie decides to paint pictures of himself in exchange for peaches. With Gaston's help, the two of them find the perfect spot in town so that little Gregorie can paint pictures of himself in exchange for peaches.

Birdie! Birdie!

Birdie! Birdie! It is time for Mr. Marceau to bring little Gregorie and Gaston to the annual "bring your pet to the zoo day". Little Gregorie and Gaston look forward to this every year but this year it would be extra special. The three of them find a little parrot all alone in a cage. Little Gregorie and Gaston love this little parrot and the both of them find a way to bring the new little parrot home with them to be another memeber of their family.

Fun! Fun!

Fun! Fun! Little Gregorie, Gaston, Birdie and Mr. Marceau take a trip to the ocean. Mr. Marceau has brought little toy boats with motors so that little Gregorie and Birdie can play with the toy boats along the shore. One night, little Gregorie mistakes the moon for a giant peach. When little Gregorie's toy boat stops running, Birdie and Mr. Marceau come to the rescue.

Mango! Mango!

Mango! Mango! In the month of Frebruary, little Gregorie, Gaston, Birdie and Mr. Marceau, travel to the mountains of eastern France to spend a holiday in the French alps. While watching children play in the snow, little Gregorie, Gaston and Birdie decide they want to play in the snow. When the three of them have made lots of snowballs together, they have to decide what to do with them. Little Gregorie has a great idea and soon, with the help of the children, they create a beautiful snow sculpture.
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